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Interested in learning the art of Chinese poles or pole dance? 

   The Complete Pole Dancing instructional DVD set was specifically developed to teach you EVERYTHING about Pole dancing and Pole fitness. Our world leading instructors will make your training complete by teaching you a variety of pole styles and by breaking every technique down in a fun and effective way. 

  Steve Gale worked on the instructional DVD of Complete pole teaching the art of pole acrobatics. 20 years of experience brought to you in a full hour on a dedicated DVD (soon), or in the full 6 disk set. Visit COMPLETEPOLE.COM to learn more!

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  We offer the best in pole acrobatics. The pole act (AKA - Chinese pole) has been made popular by recent circus and cirque productions. Our acts (Cube and Pole act) is best defined as an act of strength and agility. Inquire within to either hire our cube act or a traditional pole act. Either can be custom tailored to your specific needs and designed around your show. 

​  Four Cubed Acrobatics has been serving the private party and corporate event industry since 2000. We specialize in making your show exciting and unique. Our acrobats are reliable and some of the best athletes in the world. In addition, our acts our self contained and don't require any external rigging. The freestanding cube can be carried on and off stage and can be performed in an area as small as 16' x 20' with a minimum height of 13' 6". The pole act we offer can be set up in as little as one minute and thirty seconds. Depending on your show and needs we have many options for making your show a memorable experience. Our goal is to provide you with courteous, expedient, professional entertainment at the highest caliber.

Browse our website for more information about Four Cubed Acrobatics. If you have any questions or would like to speak with us regarding our acts please contact us. Direct line to Steve Gale - 310 408 0915.

Cube Acrobatics
Learn more about the 'Cube Act'
Pole Acrobatics
Learn more about the 'Pole Act'

Cube act

 - "An amazing display of strength and agility." 

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